Ben Carson’s Throwing Bars at the Black Vote

Ben Carson is 64. Old enough to have said, "Rap music is just a fad," and meant it. Now he's dropping bars.

Ben Carson is 64. Old enough to have said, “Rap music is just a fad,” and meant it. Now he’s dropping bars.

I don’t like Ben Carson.

His voice reminds me of how my attic smells. Dry heat and fiberglass.

To call his smile robotic would be an understatement. He has a zombie smile. A maniacal, dead eyed, “My focus groups told me that my smile is charming,” smile.

It’s not charming. It is patronizing sometimes, vapid other times, but never charming. Ben Carson doesn’t do charm.

But this morning he dropped a mixtape on the urban markets. It was a move so bold, that no other candidate, ever, could pull it off. Nobody wants to see Obama take the stage with Wutang and do his best 36 Chambers. And nobody wants to hear Ben Carson’s voice put to music.

And if you think that Ben Carson gives two shits about what Black people think, this should put that to rest.

Because if a man is will to do something so horrible that it will cause instant ridicule, and still not have the common decency to register embarrassment, he gives way less fucks than you.

Carson is spending $150,000 to put this on the air. It’s called “Freedom” and if you live in, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s coming.

You see, his strategists have decided that he needs 20 percent of the Black vote to beat Hillary in the general election. How’s he gonna get it?

Not by talking to Black issues.

Not by addressing the concerns that the Black community has been voicing for a long time.
Nah, he’s gonna throw a song at it. Not one of those good songs, either. Fuck that. Get a guy (Aspiring Mogul?) with a cool sounding name and have him drop some fire.

This is what his campaign said to ABC News.  “[We are] reaching out and talking to them in a language that they prefer and in a language that, and in a cultural format that they appreciate… This happens to be a group that we feel pretty strongly is ready and prepared to start working for Ben Carson.”

In other words, “You say young Black people like rap music? Well throw a rap music at them…”

You should listen to it. It’s probably one of the best rap tracks featuring Ben Carson out there. Will it make you vote for him? Well, if you love personal responsibility, the words “vote” and “awesome”, maybe you will.

But I doubt it.