The Curious Case of Marissa Alexander’s Re-Release from Prison



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Lies spread wildfire. Will the truth spread just as quickly? Last week, Black Facebook breathed a collective sigh of relief. Marissa Alexander’s 20 year prison sentence had finally been overturned. She was free. To refresh your memory, Marissa Alexander had received a 20 year sentence for firing what she called a warning shot at her ceiling during a heated exchange with her abusive husband. The case drew parallels to George Zimmerman, the self appointed neighborhood watch member who followed and then killed Trayvon Martin and was ultimately cleared of all charges. How could Alexander, a woman who had given birth to a child only nine days earlier, receive 20 years for defending herself against a man with a well documented history of abuse? The story of her release hit and then spread. The Source, the New Pittsburg Courier, BLACKMEDIASCOOP.COM, (website for the 105.7 SmoothR&B radio station in Dallas Tx.) and more, all ran slightly different versions. It’s been shared thousands of times (over 12,000 via The Source alone). They left out one important detail. Alexander was released a very long time ago. Marissa Alexander was released in 2013. She has sense been re-tried by prosecutor Angela Corey, the same prosecutor whose bumbling led to Zimmerman’s release. And Corey is now seeking to put Alexander in jail for 60 years. How did so many blogs get it so wrong? Below you will find a list of updates to the case. Marissa Alexander still needs your support. That won’t happen if everyone is celebrating her new found, year old freedom. In a pretrial hearing, Marissa’s estranged husband, Rico Gray, claimed that not only was he not abusive, but also, apparently, suffers from amnesia. Remember, he previously testified, “Honestly, she just wouldn’t shut up, she wouldn’t shut up,” defense attorney Bruce Zimet read from Gray’s prior sworn testimony. “[So I] hit her in the mouth.” Gray explained that sworn statement was “not truthful.” Read more at the DailyKos. But Alexander isn’t the only woman that 245 truck driver is alleged to have put hands on. Earlier this month, three other women testified to that they too had suffered at his hands. Read more in The First Coast News.  Just to refresh your memory, Alexander tried to use the Stand Your Ground law as a defense. After all, the law was sense ammended to include warning shots, perhaps as a result of this very case. That was denied in July. Read more at For more updates, go like FreeMarissaNow. While you’re at it, like and share my page. Let’s see if the truth can spread as quickly as a lie.