Disaster Kit! The Breakdown, Pt 1



A small waterproof container, to hold your fire starting supplies

Work boots. Your flip flops won’t cut it

Work gloves

Meds. This includes, aspirin, multi-vitamins, fever reducers and allergy relievers, as well as back ups of whatever you and your family need to get through the day

A spray bottle with 10 percent bleach. It’s a simple but effective disinfectant

Water purification. Here he recommends eight drops of bleach for every gallon of water. You will need five gallons of water, per person, per day. (I’ve heard that two is sufficient. But do you have two gallons per person per day? Didn’t think so.) Water is one of those things that people overlook at their own peril. The body’s need for water is second only to its need for oxygen.¬†There are, however, other methods to purify water that you can explore

Bleach. Of course. And an eye dropper


A Radio with batteries. Extra credit for getting a hand crank powered radio

Batteries! Duh


Flash light

Light sticks

A compass and map. (To where? IDK)

Dried food

Peroxide and a well stocked first aid kit

These are you in-home provisions. He suggests that you keep it someplace high, dark and out of the way, next to your firearm (the gas too? Probably not. Use common sense people.) There are some things that I would add, but this is his song, not mine. I’ll talk about them later

I will also discuss the Bug Out Bag; that thing that you carry with you when you are forced out of your home. You can keep it in your trunk. Then, there are those little things that you need on your person, if you even expect to make it to your trunk. It can get overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be

Anyway, this is a solid start to your worst case scenario swag. You are ever so welcome.