Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Cornbread: Ingredients to the Worst Black History Month Ever


It’s hard to find pictures of fried chicken and watermelon without a racist caption. That should be a hint that it’s racist.

A Northern California High School planned to kick off the month long celebration of the contributions of Black people in this nation, with fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread.

I thought it was a fake story. It’s not.

The school is called Carondelet High School for Girls, in Concord California. According to their principal, Nancy Libby, the whole thing was some kind of mis-communication. The menu got out without being authorized. Apologies have been issued. Assemblies will be held, because, you know… diversity.

Who wrote the menu? Were they too stupid to realize how racist their menu selection is. Let’s face it, fried chicken and cornbread are both delicious when cooked correctly. I’m not ashamed to say, my wife cooked fried chicken last night. Lovely. The problem is, when you put them all on a menu to celebrate our history, it puts things into a different perspective.

For example, tacos might not be the best idea for their celebrations of Latino Americans. And women’s history month should not be celebrated with a “Go make me a sandwich, Bitch!” bar.

Perhaps it was an addle brained, I Love Lucy type who wanted to gather the most delicious soul food she could to honor our short time in the sun. If so, let me offer this piece of advice. If you are not sure whether or not something is racist, Google it, click images and look at the results. The results for “fried chicken and watermelon,” are fucking offensive.

But if they hadn’t planned on a diversity assembly, why have one now? Why not just bring the menu writer into a room and inform them that they are fired, because they are racist and they embarassed everyone in the school. That seems better, right?

Diversity isn’t an affliction. It’s discussion shouldn’t be a punishment. Save that for the folks who created the menu.