Illumaniti Free Play List: Disaster Kit!

This is the video for KRS-One’s song, Disaster Kit. For those of you who are new to the concept, this is your laundry list for when the other shoe falls, and the dead rise from their graves, or the Apes rise up, or Skynet switches on… Or the next Katrina hits. Or riots break out. Black outs… You get the picture.
It is a variation on the theme of the Bug Out Bag, something that has been a staple of the Prepper community for years. And if you think they are just being paranoid, you’re dead wrong. And I can prove it. You need look back no further than the last time mother nature gut-checked you.
For me it was February 5th 2010. We were living in Philly. My wife was very pregnant. That was the day category 3 blizzard began dumping snow on the city. By the end of the week, two weather events had come and gone, leaving the city beneath about five feet of snow.
I remember walking to the market the next day. Then to CVS. Then Rite Aid. Stores were closed. Shelves were empty. And if you didn’t live near a main artery; Walnut or Chestnut, Broad or Market, then the plows might not be able to dig you out. You were stuck.
These scenarios aren’t far out. In fact, they are inevitable.
I went ahead and wrote down the ingredient’s in KRS-One’s Disaster Kit, because I’m awesome. But listen to it anyway because he talks about attitude, which is vital, and can’t be purchased at Home Depot.
You’re welcome.