I’m Taking a short Blog-Cation. Be Back Soon.

Things used to be so simple. I woke up in the morning, took one or two kids to school, came home and wrote. 

That’s how it was. I put out post after post. Some of them were really good. A few of them even managed to get themselves read. Most of them went unseen by anyone but my wife and I. Then stuff got in the way. Stuff like money and responsibilities. You know; grown-up stuff. 

A little over a year ago I was the valet supervisor at a high end garage in Philadelphia. It was the coolest, most humbling experience I’ve ever had. 


I got to drive great cars, at the Union League. It’s kind of like the Heritage Club from Trading Places but it’s real. So are Mortimer and Randolph, more or less. Well, those dudes might have been assholes, but they had some really cool friends, and their friends drove some incredible cars.

I miss them. I miss my coworkers. I miss Philadelphia. Most of all, I miss the money. The money was good.

I knew it couldn’t last. Working at the League was tough. If you offend the wrong member, they’ll get you fired. Crash the wrong car? Fired. Okay, so there was a $1,500 limit; do $1,499 or less in damages and your safe. But in a garage full of Porches and Bentleys, that’s virtually impossible. 

Some of you are asking why there are any accidents at all? Well, you put 800 cars in a 9 story facility that was built to house about half that. Then put a crowd of drunken rich people up front, all wearing tuxedos, slinky gowns and uncomfortable hi heels and hard bottom shoes. They’re tired. They all want their cars right now. And if it takes too long for their Jaguars, Porsches or  Jeeps (not everyone can rock a luxury car) to come, their egos will begin to shrivel like moldy grapes. 

So, 10 guys, getting hundreds of cars for hundreds of angry people. All speeding around a garage that is too narrow for two-way traffic. I’m surprised we had as few accidents as we did. 

It wasn’t a way to raise a family. I loved that job, but six years was long enough.

When we moved to Atlanta I was going to start a business writing websites and brochures  and anything else that might need words. Circumstances got in the way. Instead of hanging out my shingle, I took a job as a manager at the High Museum of Art. 

When that contract ended, Chadvs began. Since then, it evolved into something totally different from my original idea. I started out talking more about science fiction. You don’t know that. Those posts went totally unread. I didn’t really find an audience until I began to write about my wife and family. But Chadvs is more than just a shameless grab for page views and followers. This blog got writing everyday. I haven’t done the for years. It feels good.

That said, I’m taking a small break. For the next week or two, I will be making fewer posts. I’m putting together my professional website and a professional blog to match. I build websites and write content by the way. I hear I’m pretty good. I’ll be focusing on people just like me; people who took a leap of faith and are following their passions. I want to help, by making their web material quickly and for less money that you might expect. I’ll even consider bartering and making a sliding scale arrangement. 

Anyway, I’ll be back soon. Until then, I’ll be posting some of those posts that I really liked. The ones that nobody else really paid much attention to. Lucky you. You get a second chance.