Jay Z isn’t in the Ilumaniti. But is he a Minion?


Two things happened yesterday. My wife and I took my three year old daughter out to Tucker to see Despicable Me 2, and I found out that Jay Z’s new album is trying to get up into people’s business.

Jay Z’s, Magna Carta Holy Grail is batter fried synergy. All the talk we’ve been doing about product placement just got reeeeeeall 1985. Magna Carta Hola Grail took a stab at products placing.  Instead of him shilling for Samsung, Samsung shilled him. It was announced on a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy, and a million copies were being given away to those who download the app by July Fourth. (Just missed it!) Get it?

About 500,000 people did download it. Still, Samsung and Hova missed their goals by a big margin. Why? It might have something to do with the fine print.

Atlanta based rapper, Killer Mike posted this screenshot. Image

It seems as if free means something different when it Samsung and Jay Z are concerned. If you had downloaded it by the Independence Day you could have had the album for the cost of zero dollars and zero cents, plus a tax of letting them know where you are, who you’re calling and giving them access to your USB storage. Yeah, it sounds like a deal with the devil. Not cool, considering how much Jay Z isn’t a part of the Ilumaniti. 

Side note: If reading fine print isn’t already part of your survival strategy, then it needs to be.