Jittery Guys with Guns: Looks What’s Going Down at Starbucks!


Guys with guns. They need more caffeine.

The CEO of Starbucks politely asks that you leave your Glocks, Sigs, Ak’s and Ar’s in your car next time you visit them to purchase one of their fine snacks or signature coffee beverages. Apparently, Howard Shultz thinks that some of their customers might feel uncomfortable around responsible gun owners. Probably because of guys like them…


and her…


and these guys.


“…guns should not be part of the Starbucks experience,” he whispered, while peeking nervously through his office blinds. “Especially when kids are around.”

It is not known whether he considered keeping some weapons behind the counter, for people who might feel out gunned.

Their previous policy had been one of open carry. Meaning, if it’s legal in your state then you are welcome to come in with a gun on your hip like Rick Grimes. This is, by the way, the policy of most businesses. But like most things, some people had to get together and ruin everything. The above pictures were snapped at a Starbucks Appreciation Day. Not the kind where they give out coffee and coupons. The kind where dudes are strapped, and women put iced lattes in their cleavage so that they don’t have to put down either of their guns, even for a second.

This is why it is so hard to be pro gun. Because there are people out there who are always trying to turn things into a thing. Don’t get all tactical at the Starbucks! Drink your coffee and then leave!

By the way. If you insist on scaring the hell out of everyone during you next visit to Starbucks, you should know that they aren’t very enthusiastic about enforcing their policy. Their baristas aren’t going to tell you to go. They won’t call the cops or give you any less than the exemplary service that you have become accustomed to. Just know, they will be giving you one hell of a side-eye.


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