Ron Finley is to Gardening as Shaft is to Fighting Crime

This is Ron Finley. I spoke about him briefly in an earlier post. I tried to find the words to describe how bad-ass he is, and then I realized that nobody can do that but Ron.
This dude is cool. Samuel L. Jackson cool. No, really.
And if you’ve ever thought that gardening was something that old ladies did wearing big hats and knee pads, between yelling at the kids next door and feeding their multitude of cats, this guy is going to melt your brain. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Ron Finley is to Gardening as Shaft is to Fighting Crime

  1. I have a friend down the road that has turned her vacant lots in the city into an urban farm! She is growing food and reaching people to change their life….we don’t have a lot of space, but I share what I can with my neighbors. I have elderly neighbors that can’t grow food they enjoyed before, I share…we all need to share..where we are….