Thirteen Year Old Kid Faces Expulsion for Doing the things Kids Do.


Khalid Caraballo. Suspended for a year for waging an airsoft war. In his own yard

Khalid Caraballo was suspended from Larkspur Middle School in Virginia Beach Va. earlier this week. All because of that stupid looking green gun, a stupid neighbor and a dumb school administrator.

This kid was playing in his front yard before school. His bus stop is just down the street, so why not? A bunch of the other kids were there, all armed to the teeth, presumably with his arsenal. Maybe he fired on a fellow student who was walking to the bus stop. He says he didn’t. Other people say he did. And thirteen year old kids lie sometimes. Even good ones.
Then the bus came. And they all put their guns away and went to school. Armistice achieved. If only all wars were resolved so easily.

Eyes were on them as they played. A neighbor peering through bent shades, phone in hand. I think she had already dialed 9-1, was just waiting for a reason to drop that last digit.

She knew the guns were toys. She even says so on the 911 tape. She called because, as a mother, the the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable.

“He’s pointing a gun, and it looks like there’s a target in a tree,” she told the police. “…I know it’s not a real one, but it makes people feel uncomfortable. I know it makes me feel uncomfortable, as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun.”

She called the police. Because she felt uncomfortable.

She could have simply turned around, walked away from the window and sat the hell down. Or, if the sound of boys playing grated on her soul that much, she could have walked outside and talked to the kids. If that was too far from her comfort zone, she could have spoken to Khalid’s mom.

She could have. But why, when the police are only three digits away.

The police came. The school was notified. And Khalid and two other boys were removed from their classrooms and suspended pending expulsion.


Matthew Delaney, Zero Tolerance Educator

That was this guy’s idea. Principal Matthew Delaney. He runs a tight ship over at Larkspur Middle School. Joy is not tolerated, not even when the children are at home.

“…one child was only 10 feet from the bus stop and ran from the ‘shots being fired’, but was still hit.” said Delaney.

Although it sounds like an account from the DC Navy Yard shooting, we are talking about the same incident. A kid was hit by a neon plastic airsoft pellet. Thankfully, that child will pull through.

Can a principal take action concerning an event that didn’t take place on school property? That remains to be seen. I suspect there are lawyers on their way to Khalid’s mom’s house right now. The school board will hear an appeal in January, but this might be decided in the courts way before then.

Anyway, if there is anything the past few weeks have taught is, it’s that school administrators don’t have to be smart. Just yesterday, we found out that the superintendent of the Coatesville School District in Pennsylvania, loves to say nigger. And it wasn’t too long ago, that a little girl was sent home from school for another zero tolerance policy, this one concerning her hair style.

One more thing. There are just some women that you don’t want to make uncomfortable. This time it only led to a group of boys getting suspended from school for the rest of the year. It got a guy shot in North Carolina. He’d just pulled himself from a horrible wreck, and went to the first house he saw. Knocked on the door too vigorously, and the lady of the house dialed 911 and said she was being burglarized. The cops then gunned him down in the street.

One more thing about the woman who called the cops. Her son was one of the boys fighting an airsoft war in Khalid’s yard. I hope he’s sharing that one year suspension, too.

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